*All footage and images on this page represent typical farms that raise chickens for meat.

Please join us in asking McDonald’s to change

Each year, hundreds of millions of chickens raised for food suffer tremendously. A known supplier of McDonald’s, investigated by Animal Equality, is one of the worst offenders. Chickens are bred to be so unnaturally big their own legs can’t support their weight. They are crammed into dark sheds and trapped in filth, unable to engage in most natural behaviors. These horrific conditions are unacceptable.

Over 180 companies - including many of McDonald’s competitors such as Burger King, Subway, and Jack in the Box - have already committed to making meaningful changes that will improve the lives of these smart and social animals. Meanwhile, McDonald’s continues to drag its feet and still works with suppliers who perpetuate the worst animal abuses.

As one of the world’s most notable brands, McDonald’s has the power to change the way many chickens raised for food are treated and reduce the suffering of millions of birds.